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Live Comparison in DiBox JD

These two diamonds: Emerald and Princess represent stones very different in Beauty manifestations. Emerald show bold, but rare Fire flashes. Princess on the other hand produces less Fire, but has high Scintillation.

These two diamond cuts are directed to very different consumers. Princess is more attractive to younger people who can enjoy small, but fast scintillating flashes. Emerald is preferred by mature audience.

Let’s check only two Rounds 6 mm and 2 mm stones. Compare Fire of these stones side by side. Larger one definitely has more Fire. It has Fire flashes comparable in size with the diameter of smaller stone.

Fire is the USP of large diamonds. The value of large stones higher not only because of rarity, but also because it can exclusively produce high fire, not achievable by smaller stones. Also notice that smaller stone is brighter even in Fire lighting.